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About artd

artd webdesign GmbH was founded in April 2009 and has 6 employees, several freelancers and partners. We specialized in open source WCMS systems and online marketing. Within our Partnership with Drawnblue we are responsible for the UX Design of the Supply Chain Solution of Drawnblue, a blockchain platform for the supply chain industry. We are realizing User Experience Designs of the Drawnblue Solution and empower the Visbility and User Flow of the Supply Chain Solutions of Drawnblue.

Raphael Steinhöfel

As founder and managing director he is on the one hand involved in the daily business and on the other hand responsible for the business strategy. An exciting challenge that he enjoys taking on.




Alessa Klinger

As an interaction designer she knows how important it is to understand the wishes and problems of the users. Through detailed user research she can see the world through the eyes of the users.




Felix Griewald

He loves the web! So it belongs to a full stack web developer. Since his youth he has been fascinated by the web and the technologies behind it. As simple, intuitive and beautiful as possible, that is his credo.




A small selection of our success stories.


jugendsession cover

Web App for Youth Session

Every year, the youth session formulates demands for addressees such as parliament or the Federal Council. These are to be placed in a public database on the Web for archiving and as a reference work for the public. The maintenance of the database must be as simple as possible for the administrators: texts and fields can be adapted directly, documents uploaded and internal comments stored.

After defining the requirements, we design a responsive web application based on the PHP framework Symfony2 in a very short time. By using ready-made "bundles" it is possible to quickly equip the application with the necessary functions: rights management, multilingualism, drag'n'drop upload to name just a few.

The SAJV is able to collaborate via the web application by means of rights and role functions. Received claims can be drafted and published later. Visitors can search the database, filter and convert individual claims directly into a PDF.

Read more about it on our success stories


HostingManager Software

Hosting Manager

The main advantage of digital storage, which was considered very advanced 20 years ago, was that documents could be reprinted at any time. So you had the option to generate the document on demand. Today, digital storage is omnipresent and documents are printed less often but sent more via e-mail, so that simple storage on the hard disk is hardly more today than the archiving of paper documents in a file folder 20 years ago. It is therefore obvious not to store the hosting sheets directly, but to generate them when required. Our goal was therefore a tool with which it is possible to manage the hosting sheets effectively and to generate them as PDF if required. In order to guarantee the current need for constant availability, it should be a web application. That was the birth of the Hosting Manager.

The Hosting Manager is currently version 3.1 and offers besides the mentioned features and interfaces countless other interesting functions, which make the daily work easier and faster. The usability of the application is also constantly being improved, from a configurable dashboard to instant feedback on critical manipulations of the data. Also Google Charts for the analysis of the data underlying the system and uptimeRobot to be able to monitor any server with regard to availability and downtime are implemented. Customer data can now be exported to CSV, Hosting-Sheets and Word files. For more security, a two-factor authentication has been implemented for the login and a backup function for the database for direct storage in Dropbox.


copyquick cover

Copy Quick Price Calculator

CopyQuick Pierre Alain Mouttet AG is known in Bern. In fact, there are five branches in Switzerland. The previous flash-based website no longer works on standard mobile devices and urgently needs to be replaced. The most frequent telephone enquiries at CopyQuick are price enquiries. With an intelligent online price calculator, the administration is to be relieved in a targeted manner. In addition, the new site must focus on the customer and provide a quick overview of the variety of CopyQuick services.

In the workshop target groups are defined and personas are created. The information structure is then defined. A new, modern web design is proposed on the basis of wireframes and finally implemented in a final version as a responsive website.

For the price calculator, a dedicated extension for the Joomla! CMS is developed, which completely replaces the previous calculation using Excel. CopyQuick also has the possibility to set parameters in the backend itself in order to make adjustments quickly and easily. Visitors can directly determine the price advantages of CopyQuick on the website and send requests with the entered data.