16. Februar 2012

Webdesign Trends 2012

Every December / January it is time for typical blog entries: What has happened last year in webdesign and what do we predict for next year? For the webworld this means listing webdesign trends. We collected a few trends for 2012 that re-occurred in several lists and blog post from webdesign Studios around the world.


1) Responsive webdesign and mobile first

More and more mobile devices are used to access the internet. Therefor optimizing webpages for mobile phones is very important. But what about tablets or notebook or..? Responsive webdesign uses a fluid layout to make the website easy to see in all screen sizes. Read more about responsive webdesign and "mobile first".


2) Big graphics (banners or illustrations)

Big banners, large images or huge vector illustrations: they give the user an impression they will remember.


3) Custom fonts

No more times new roman nor arial or verdana. Not even other standard fonts. Each website its own font because of typekit and cufon! Read more about non-standard fonts.


4) Html5 and CSS3

A lot has been said about html5 and CSS3. For example that it will ban flash for ever etc. Whether this is true or not, html5 and CSS3 are nice ways to create interactivity in your website. Read more about html5.


5) Simplicity / One page layouts

No more websites with 20 submenus where you need 50 clicks to find what you want. Simplicity takes over. Even webpages that have only 1 page with the content just 1 click away will occur. See examples of one page designs.


6) Circles / rounded corners

This trend sounds a little funny: Round banners, round pictures, rounded corners: circles will be important in webdesign in 2012. See some nice examples.


Summary of our little review

Is this all really new? We don't think. If you like to compare, take a look back on 2011. A lot of the predicted trends for 2012 we have already heard in 2011. In general we see that we have new possibilities and more freedom in creating amazing websites and cloud based software because of new technologies. Plenty of options are not always a  good predictor of creativity and good design seems to be timeless and is not following any trends.


Read more about trends in 2012:

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Erstaunliche Webdesign Trends fur 2012



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