30. Oktober 2012

The new one at artd webdesign

Hi everybody,
It’s me, the new one at artd webdesign.

You all remember the last intern? You should remember, because I think you are really great fans of artd webdesign. He is back in Berlin now and we thought it would be a good idea to keep a guy from Berlin at the office, and that’s me.

But here is the story behind it. I already applied in February 2012 for an internship, but my predecessor was already assumed as new (and first) intern of artd webdesign. Six months later I tried it again and here I am.

trainee felix


My name is Felix – and as you already know – I’m from Berlin (Germany) and live in
Bern now. I’m really happy to make my internship at artd webdesign, because I want
to learn how a web agency works and don’t wanted to be part of a big anonymous
I started about two weeks ago and already made some exciting stuff. A short
I learned many things about Joomla!, I helped in the final phase of different projects
(updates, texts ...), I selected and cropped images, I made tickets for the developers,
I already was part of a training for customers ... and many many more. And of course
I met the nice people from artd webdesign – Liesbeth, Tanja and Raphael, greetings
to you all ;-)
And more interesting projects are waiting. At the moment we have different projects
for redesign and also some projects with completely new websites. And we collected
some really interesting ideas for internal development projects and now it's time to
write some concepts. I think, there will be many things to do.

Now you know who I am and maybe we meet each other at the office, on the phone,
on the Facebook fan page (you should know the Fan page ;-) ), at Twitter (you should
also know our Twitter account :-P) and of course on the blog.

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