02. November 2015

switch user plugin for Joomla! 3.x

Have you ever needed to log in as another Joomla! user on your web site? Are you as a shop owner sometimes need to modify a customer's order or change a event registration for a participant? Now you can! With Joomla! and this tiny and useful free plugin.

By simply clicking a button, an administrator can switch to a different Joomla! user without logging in and check their permissions or troubleshooting problems. This feature is well known in other systems like Typo3 and Contao.


1. Download the plugin and install it in your Joomla! CMS.

2. Enable the plugin in the plugin manager.

3. Switch back to the user manager. You will see some new icons in the first column behind every user name.

4. Click on the icon to login as a certain user (Einfach Nutzer wechseln)


Download switch user plugin for Joomla!

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