29. Juni 2012

Free 360 panorama module for Joomla!

As part of my 2nd extension development at artd webdesign in Bern, I want to share a free 360 panorama module (kostenloses 360 Grad Panorma Modul) for Joomla! with the community. I've made it for a webproject where our customer could need it. Although it took me a long time to program it I'm proud of the final result; my first Joomla! module is here. Go ahead and check all the details of this nice modul in the demo or download it directly.


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CHECK OUT THE DEMO                         DOWNLOAD MODULE


This module is built up on the 360 panorama jquery plugin from Minimalistic Studio. The reason why I choose this 360 plugin is that it is the best I've found on the web (lean code and nice to handle). I've turned it into a Joomla! 2.5 module where you can specify a lot of settings in the backend with ease. We also tested the module in Joomla 3.x.

This module has the following features:

- autoscrolling of the view
- scrolling with the mousewheel
- 2 types of hotspots (area or dots) where you can specify teaser, background color, description and a link. Hotspots can easily created with the online map editor: http://www.maschek.hu/imagemap/imgmap
- caption of the slider with 4 selectable positions (left, right, top or bottom)
- show or hide scrollbuttons
- mulitple instances of the modules are possible on the same site


1.0.1 - Bugfix: Installer didn't install the "includes" folder 

If you have questions or feedback feel free to comment below! :)
Cheers, Duc

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