07. März 2012

artd Webdesign gets a new team member!

Hello to all friends of artd Webdesign out there, guess what happened! I guess you're right, artd Webdesign has his first intern now and that's me - Duc!

Webdesign Bern Duc Internship 

I came to Bern - Swiss (my roots are in Berlin - Germany) and to artd Webdesign to do a 5 month internship and until now I'm very pleased that I choosed to do that journey.

How does it start?

After a successful speculative application I got the chance to join the artd Webdesign team. Although I knew that artd Webdesign is a SME (small and medium enterprise) I was surprised in how many different projects they are involved and how many orders they got.

My first impression here were very positive but not because I just have about 10 minutes to the office :D (currently I'm living in a shared flat in Köniz - Bern). Although the office is not that big it has a pleasant athmosphere to work. I have about 3 seconds to get to the kitchen and about 6 seconds to the WC (or even 2 seconds, depending on which work station I am :D). The office has everything that a SME needs to get productive: some Mac stations, a printer, a phone, a backup server or a fridge :D.

Another advantage of a SME like artd Webdesign is that I can work often with Raphael (founder of artd Webdesign) on the same table. That also means that I'm very closed to the tasks that he has to do and therefore I also have the chance to learn a lot about project management, beside Webdesign and Joomla. Fundamentally I learn here everything that makes a web agency.

I also had the honor to meet Tanja (Raphaels wife) yesterday who is also working here and responsible for the administration of artd Webdesign. Next monday I will also meet Liesbeth, Joomla specialist and communication expert of artd webdesign - I'm looking forward to it :).

Other tasks that I will also deal with is the contact to the customers. For example today we we're at a customer to give trainings and I could be right in the middle of it.

Finally I'm pretty sure that I will learn a lot during my internship here and I look forward to a great time. :)

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