21. Dezember 2011

A new piwik extension for ALL (Joomla 1.5, 2.5)


Piwik for Joomla!We are proud to release a next version of our Joomla! Piwik component. Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) web analytics software program. It is a great alternative to Google Analytics. It provides you with detailed real time reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages. Check http://piwik.org for further details. With com_piwik you can easy install this great tool direkt into joomla! 1.5 with the well-known installer. A plugin will be installed together with the component to put the trackingcode directly in your current template on the right place.

com_piwik has the same requirements as piwik 0.4.3:
PHP version > 5.1.3
Required extensions: PDO, pdo_mysql, zlib, SPL

Get this great tool and download it for your joomla!


Latest version: com_piwik_v4.0.2 (21.12.2011)


Version: com_piwik_v222.zip (27.08.2010)

  • Update to piwik 0.9
  • fixed misspelling bug of manifest.xml

Version: com_piwik_v221.zip

  • Update to piwik 0.6.5
  • Better Server OS dedector

Version: com_piwik_v213.zip

  • Update to 0.6.2

Version: com_piwik_v212.zip

  • fixed linux install problems

Version: com_piwik_v211.zip

  • Update to piwik 0.5.4
  • New two step installer
  • fixed small bugs


Version: com_piwik_v121.zip

Check this screenshots if you need some help:

Step 1: Just install the com_piwik like any other component and click to piwik in the component menu.



Step 2: Piwik will check your sever for the requirements and grab you Joomla! DB settings directly from joomla! if your server is ready for piwik.



Step 3: Piwik need some tables in your Joomla! database.



Step 4: You have to set up an admin for your Piwik Installation...



Step 5: ...and some info about your website name and location.



Step 6: On this point you can just skip because a joomla plugin you installed with com_piwik puts the tracking code in every template you will use. So forget that step and go ahead.



Step 7: You will hopefully get a congratulation message from piwik...



Step 8: ...and after some clicks on you page you will collect some data.



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