13. März 2012

24 Video tutorials for Joomla! beginners

As a webagency we use Joomla! a lot. We also give Joomla! training for clients. But most users don't work on a daily basis with content management systems, making it hard to remember all the tricks. To help our customers we decided to make short and simple movies explaining the most common Joomla! functionalities. We wanted to share those movies with you as well. Afterall, Joomla is an opensource community project where we also like to contribute to.

The movies are deliberately short and all focus on 1 subject so you can just scroll through the list of subjects and watch what is relevant to you.

We tried to keep them simple, making it as easy as possible for you to follow them.

This year we plan to introduce 24 joomla tutorials:


1. How to login on frontend and backend (done!)

2. How to edit content on the frontend after login (done!)

3. How to create a new user in the backend (done!)

4. How to create a new article and link them in the menu (done!)

5. How to upload an image (done!)

6. How to use a editor to place a image (done!)

7. How to install a plugin and enable it

8. How to add a contact form (article and menu-item)

9. How to install a extension and link them in the menu

10. How install a language and select them for the system

11. How to make mulitlingual content

12. How to move a joomla module to another position

13. How to make a new module (custom html)

14. How to make article general settings

15. How to remove the site title of the "homepage"

16. How to define the "home" page

17. How to preview the module positions

18. How to assign a template to different menu items

19. How to install anther editor and change them for the whole system

20. How to add RSS Feeds

21. How to search for updates and make it

22. How to make a new menu

23. How to create a new acces role

24. ?

As you can see we let number 24 open. Anything missing in the list? Do you have a subject on which you would like to see a tutorial (Joomla related)? Just post a comment to this blog so we can see if we can help.

The first Joomla! Video Tutorials are already online!

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