Mär 2012

I visited 6 lectures at the Swiss Online Marketing 2012 in Zurich. It was extremely sunny again so I (and I think most visitors) didn't mind getting out of the office (especially not because there was a lunch break of an hour in which we all enjoyed the sun). The first thing I noticed when I walked in were the stands.. Although the lectures where all about new media, 99% of the stands were old fashioned. 3 walls, a table and 2 chairs in the middle, some magazines to take away and that's it. I had hoped for more in a conference about online marketing (I see big screens with websites, movies, more experience etc: there was 1 stand who had that..). But the lectures definitely made up for the old fashioned stands. Two of them where about Search Engine Optimization and can be summarized very shortly: make websites for the users, not the searchmachines, don't duplicate content or buy links. (be good and Google will be good to you). 

The ones about social media went a bit further into details. Why to use social media, some great examples and all about the 'social media youth' and what moves them.

Finally there was a very interesting presentation that touches the core of our business: website redesigns and relaunches. The interesting thing was that it was advices against relaunches. Better to safe that effort and invest in testing was said. See the full summary of all lectures below.

Mär 2012

Hello to all friends of artd Webdesign out there, guess what happened! I guess you're right, artd Webdesign has his first intern now and that's me - Duc!


I came to Bern - Swiss (my roots are in Berlin - Germany) and to artd Webdesign to do a 5 month internship and until now I'm very pleased that I choosed to do that journey.

How does it start?

After a successful speculative application I got the chance to join the artd Webdesign team. Although I knew that artd Webdesign is a SME (small and medium enterprise) I was surprised in how many different projects they are involved and how many orders they got.

Mär 2012

As a webagency we use Joomla! a lot. We also give Joomla! training for clients. But most users don't work on a daily basis with content management systems, making it hard to remember all the tricks. To help our customers we decided to make short and simple movies explaining the most common Joomla! functionalities. We wanted to share those movies with you as well. Afterall, Joomla is an opensource community project where we also like to contribute to.

The movies are deliberately short and all focus on 1 subject so you can just scroll through the list of subjects and watch what is relevant to you.

We tried to keep them simple, making it as easy as possible for you to follow them.

This year we plan to introduce 24 joomla tutorials:

Feb 2012

Every December / January it is time for typical blog entries: What has happened last year in webdesign and what do we predict for next year? For the webworld this means listing webdesign trends. We collected a few trends for 2012 that re-occurred in several lists and blog post from webdesign Studios around the world.