Oct 2012

Hi everybody,
It’s me, the new one at artd webdesign.

You all remember the last intern? You should remember, because I think you are really great fans of artd webdesign. He is back in Berlin now and we thought it would be a good idea to keep a guy from Berlin at the office, and that’s me.

But here is the story behind it. I already applied in February 2012 for an internship, but my predecessor was already assumed as new (and first) intern of artd webdesign. Six months later I tried it again and here I am.

trainee felix


Jun 2012

As part of my 2nd extension development at artd webdesign in Bern, I want to share a free 360 panorama module for Joomla! with the community. I've made it for a webproject where our customer could need it. Although it took me a long time to program it I'm proud of the final result; my first Joomla! module is here. Go ahead and check all the details of this nice modul in the demo or download it directly.


jquery reel image

CHECK OUT THE DEMO                         DOWNLOAD MODULE

Apr 2012

Today we want to share a free Joomla! 2.5 Template with you.  I've made it during my time here at artd webdesign in Bern.

The best of it: It is slick, smart and it's completely free!



Apr 2012

Hello to all friends of webdesign out there! We're currently working on a project which is about getting Data from another server and therefore I'm going to show you how to get started with JSONP, why you maybe should use it and what you can do with it.

For those of you who haven't heard of JSON before have a look here. The P at JSONP stands for JSON with Padding and is a cross-domain method to get a JSON Object from another server. This usually won't work with JSON because of the Same Origin Policy. To overcome this JSONP comes in action.

In my little example we'll use the getJSON() method from jQuery and Apples Search API to load an image and display it.

After understanding the core concept of getting data from another server with JSONP and any JSONP supported API you'll be able to create your own apps like maybe a dynamic fotogallery with the Flickr API, an own Facebook app with the Facebook API or an own map with Google Map API.

At the end of this tutorial I'll also show you some alternatives to get the JSONP with jQuery functions $.get() and $.ajax(), so keep on reading ;).


Demo: type in a name of a software and click on the search button.